We create a future
The future leader of maintenance industry
with the best technology and service

Geumhwa PSC has been doing plant construction business since its foundation in May 1981.
We started expanding business to maintenance of power plants in 1995 and have grown into a leading company specialized in plant construction and maintenance. Geumhwa PSC proudly became the very first private company which took on the power generation equipment maintenance.

We were not content with what has done but kept trying to improve company value and technology. In an effort to develop skills and provide the greater service, we have been running Research Institute & Training Center since 2000. The institute has been helping engineers enhance maintenance skills, advance plant construction methods and build up new technologies.

Our consistent efforts enabled us to secure competitiveness, develop technical know-how and become a key player in global maintenance market along with the corporate value “trust”, “faith” and “credibility”.

Geumhwa PSC will keep trying the best to be the future leader in the global market responding to the rapidly changing world while faithful to the basics and principles.